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Château Larose is located in the Paris metropolitan area, about 22 km (30 minutes) from the Paris city center. 

The château was built in 1640 and is an outstanding example of the Mansart architecture. François Mansart (1598-1666) was the architect for the royals & nobility and this building was one of several hunting-mansions the Royal family owned around Paris.


It has been claimed by court historians that the brother of the Sun King Louis XIV, Phillipe, Duke of Orléans, often used this château for romantic encounters. 

Château Larose has ten bedrooms, including two large suites. Fourteen guests can stay in the house. All rooms has been renovated in recent years. The salons are furnished with antiques and period paintings, but the rooms are still very comfortable, and very easy to use. Please see the gallery for interior photos.

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